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This is our team

The group of professional that creative visual content, often through outstanding motion graphics and visual effects, helping filmmaker agencies and brands connect with audiences in new and innovative ways.

About Us: Clients


The team's never-ending battery. Is it possible to have THAT MUCH energy? Samuel is proof that a person can live 25 hours a day with all the energy and good attitude of the world. He is a very creative person, able to adapt easily to any situation, and possesses incredible problem solving skills. Samuel is basically the engine and vision of the team. At work, his unique way of seeing things helps him come up with "out-of-the-ordinary" ideas and totally incredible solutions practically instantly.



The emotional drive of the team, the heart. Eduardo is possibly one of the most sensitive and passionate human beings; He has the ability to make us 100% proud of everything we do. At work? Relentless technique. Eduardo creates beautiful photographic compositions and captures unforgettable moments with his camera. His impeccable handling of storytelling helps any viewer appreciate the narrative to the fullest. The heart, passion and spark at RiverFox Studio, and our incredible photographer.



He is the voice of experience, and out of the whole team possibly the most sensible of all; Who brakes, when necessary, the three totally insane people who travel this journey with him. Everything he does is marked by an overflowing passion and intensity, but notice ALWAYS in complete control. His strong and imposing character is the perfect counterweight to his own tenderness and affection. In the professional area? Experience, planning, discipline and order; His mastery of sound, composition and arrangements are balanced to perfection with his great knowledge of technology and software. Very happy to have him on the team!



Mash is sweet and strong at the same time; Somewhat shy but totally firm when her values and beliefs are on the line. On Mass' world details and quality are everything...and by that we mean EVERYTHING. This laser focus on small things, and the capacity for self-criticism, is what elevates her work to new levels every time. Amazingly talented human being, our lovely illustrator + graphic designer

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